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Best ETFs is Australia’s first true funds management, analyst-built website for ETF industry news and analysis. Visit us every day for up-to-the-minute coverage of what’s really happening in Australian ETFs, managed funds, LICs and mFunds.

Best ETFs is the ETF news and publishing arm of Rask Australia.

Rask Australia is a diversified investment advice, news, research, financial education, podcast and money network which is Australian-owned and created right here in sunny Melbourne.

Our company was founded in 2017 by Owen Raszkiewicz, originally to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Australians and Kiwis who go without.

We’re on a mission to have 10,000 students enrolled in our free finance courses. Enrol today.

Our Authors:

Owen Raszkiewicz

Owen Raszkiewicz is the founder of Best ETFs Australia. He is an industry expert with more than 7 years investment industry experience. Owen has written for The Motley Fool Australia, Rask Media, Rask Finance, Yahoo!Finance and MSN Money.
He holds a Masters of Applied Finance, Master of Financial Planning and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He has also completed level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

Drew Meredith

Drew is one of the founders of Wattle Partners. He is an experienced financial and investment adviser with expertise in self-managed superannuation funds, superannuation strategies, investment analysis and portfolio construction. Drew is a Partner at Wattle Partners.

Cathryn Goh

Cathryn Goh is a Rask Analyst responsible for covering Australian and global shares and ETFs. Cathryn has completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University, with studies in Accounting and Finance. When she is not researching or writing, Cathryn would likely be found watching AFL (especially St Kilda). To see Cathryn’s current positions and research, consider joining Rask Invest.

Jaz Harrison

Jaz is a keen investor who loves to thoroughly poke holes in an investment idea before it has a chance of making it into her portfolio. Jaz invests for the long-term and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She strongly believes that empowering people with knowledge is the best way for them to take charge of their finances, which is exactly the approach she takes with her own money and investments.

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