Domicile: Australia

What does tax domicile Australia mean?

When a fund/ETF has a "domicile" of Australia it means it is a registered fund in Australia for tax purposes. This means investors who buy into this ETF, and are Australian residents for tax purposes, will be subject to Australian taxes and regulation.

Imagine two ETFs:

  • Both ETFs invest in international shares (e.g. from the US, Asia, Europe, etc.)
  • "Fund A" has a domicile in Australia
  • "Fund B" has a domicile in the USA

The Australian-registered fund, Fund A, will be taxed just like any other managed fund providing investments in Australia.

What this means for you is simple: it's likely you will NOT have fill in extra tax forms (such as the USA's W8-BEN form) or expose yourself to extra tax laws (i.e. tax rules from overseas jurisdictions). 

However, please keep in mind that this information changes often and you should always read the fund's Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you invest. And always consult with a licensed tax adviser before you act because your tax situation can vary.

An important note from the Best ETFs Australia team

Tax information changes regularly and our website can be wrong, so you should always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to learn where your chosen ETF is domiciled. Then consult a financial adviser and tax agent. They will be able to tell you what this information means, if you're still confused after reading the PDS.


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