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ETF NameTicker CodeSectorTypeBenchmarkFee (MER)
BetaShares Australia 200 ETFA200Australian sharesETFSolactive Australia 200 Index0.07%
Australian High Interest Cash ETFAAAAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Cash0.18%
ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETFACDCGlobal sharesETFSolactive Battery Value-Chain Index0.69%
Antipodes Global Shares (Quoted Managed Fund)AGX1Global sharesManaged fundMSCI All Country World Net Index1.10%
Aurora Dividend Income TrustAODAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index1.30%
BetaShares Asia Technology Tigers ETFASIAGlobal sharesETFSolactive Asia Ex-Japan Technology & Internet Tigers Index0.67%
BetaShares Strong Australian Dollar FundAUDSCurrencies (FX)Managed fund1.38%
iShares Edge MSCI Australia Multifactor ETFAUMFAustralian sharesRules based ETFMSCI Australia IMI Diversified Multiple-Factor Index0.30%
BetaShares Managed Risk Australian Share FundAUSTAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 2000.39%
BetaShares Australian Equities Strong BearBBOZAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 2001.19%
BetaShares US Equities Strong Bear Currency HedgedBBUSGlobal sharesRules based ETFS&P 500 Hedged AUD1.38%
BetaShares Australian Equities BearBEARAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 2001.19%
iShares Core Cash ETFBILLAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Cash0.07%
BetaShares Legg Mason Australian Bond FundBNDSAustralian fixed income (bonds)Managed fundBloomberg AusBond Composite Index0.42%
BetaShares Global Banks ETF - Currency HedgedBNKSGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ Global ex-Australia Banks Hedged AUD Index0.57%
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Bond FundBONDAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFS&P/ASX Australian Fixed Income Index0.24%
VanEck Vectors ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETFCETFGlobal sharesETFCSI 300 Index0.72%
VanEck Vectors China New Economy ETFCNEWGlobal sharesETFCSI MarketGrader China New Economy Index (AUD)0.95%
ETFS Global Core Infrastructure ETFCOREGlobal sharesETFSolactive Global Core Infrastructure Low Volatility Index0.45%
BetaShares Australian Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFCREDAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFSolactive Australian Investment Grade Corporate Bond Select TR Index0.25%
ETFS S&P Biotech ETFCUREGlobal sharesETFS&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index0.45%
UBS IQ Morningstar Australia Dividend Yield ETFDIVAustralian sharesRules based ETFMorningstar Australia Dividend Yield Focus Index0.30%
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate FundDJREGlobal sharesETFSPDR Dow Jones Global Select Real Estate Securities Index0.50%
AMP Capital Dynamic Markets FundDMKTGlobal sharesManaged fundRBA Inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) - trimmed mean + 4.5% pa.0.48%
BetaShares Global Healthcare ETF - Currency HedgedDRUGGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ Global ex-Australia Healthcare Companies Hedged AUD Index0.47%
BetaShares Euro ETFEEUCurrencies (FX)ETFEuro0.45%
eInvest Income Generator FundEIGAAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 300 Franking Credit Adjusted Daily TR Index0.80%
BetaShares Legg Mason Equity Income FundEINCAustralian sharesManaged fundS&P/ASX 200 Index0.85%
VanEck Vectors MSCI Multifactor Emerging Markets Equity ETFEMKTGlobal sharesRules based ETFMSCI Emerging Markets Diversified Multiple-Factor Index (AUD)0.69%
VanEck Vectors MSCI International Sustainable Equity ETFESGIGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI World ex Australia Index (with ESG filters)0.55%
ETFS EURO STOXX 50 ETFESTXGlobal sharesETFEuro Stoxx 500.35%
UBS IQ Morningstar Australian Quality ETFETFAustralian sharesRules based ETFMorningstar Australia Moat Focus Index0.30%
BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETFETHIGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)NASDAQ Future Global Sustainability Leaders Index0.59%
ETFS Physical SilverETPMAGCommoditiesETFSilver0.49%
ETFS Physical PalladiumETPMPDCommoditiesETFPalladium0.49%
ETFS Physical Precious Metal BasketETPMPMCommoditiesETFBasket of precious metals0.44%
ETFS Physical PlatinumETPMPTCommoditiesETFPlatinum0.49%
BetaShares Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETFEX20Australian sharesETFNASDAQ Australia Completion Cap INdex0.20%
BetaShares FTSE 100 ETFF100Global SharesETFFTSE 100 Index0.45%
BetaShares Australian Sustainability Leaders ETFFAIRAustralian sharesETF (Ethical)Nasdaq Future Australian Sustainability Leaders Index0.49%
VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX Franked Dividend ETFFDIVAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX Franked Dividend Index0.35%
Fidelity Global Emerging Markets FundFEMXGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI Emerging Markets Index NR0.99%
VanEck Vectors Australian Floating Rate ETFFLOTAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Credit FRN 0+ Yr Index0.22%
BetaShares Global Agriculture Companies ETF - Currency HedgedFOODGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ Global ex-Australia Agriculture Companies Hedged AUD Index0.47%
BetaShares Global Energy Companies ETF - Currency HedgedFUELGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ Global ex-Australia Energy Hedged AUD Index0.47%
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETFGDXGlobal sharesETFNYSE Arca Gold Miners Index0.53%
BetaShares Geared Australian Equity FundGEARAustralian sharesManaged fundS&P/ASX 2000.80%
BetaShares Geared US Equity Fund - Currency HedgedGGUSGlobal sharesManaged fundS&P 500 Hedged AUD0.74%
AMP Global Infrastructure Securities Fund GLINGlobal sharesManaged fundDow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure Net Accumulation Index Hedged AUD0.94%
ETFS Physical Gold ETFGOLDCommoditiesETFGold0.40%
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Government Bond FundGOVTAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFS&P /ASX Bond Index0.22%
Schroders Real Return FundGROWGlobal sharesManaged fundRBA Inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) - trimmed mean + 5% pa.0.90%
BetaShares Global Cybersecurity ETFHACKGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ CTA Cybersecurity Index0.57%
BetaShares Active Australian Hybrids FundHBRDAustralian fixed income (bonds)Managed fundBetaShares Active Australian Hybrids Fund0.55%
BetaShares WisdomTree Europe ETF - Currency HedgedHEURGlobal sharesETFWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Index0.51%
BetaShares WisdomTree Japan ETF - Currency HedgedHJPNGlobal sharesETFWisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Index0.51%
BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester FundHVSTAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index0.65%
iShares Asia 50 ETFIAAGlobal sharesETFS&P Asia 500.50%
iShares Core Composite Bond ETFIAFAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Composite Index0.20%
iShares MSCI BRIC ETFIBKGlobal sharesETFMSCI BRIC0.70%
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFIEMGlobal sharesETFMSCI Emerging Markets0.69%
iShares Europe ETFIEUGlobal sharesETFS&P Europe 3500.60%
VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETFIFRAGlobal sharesETFFTSE Developed Core Infrastructure 50/50 hedged into AUD Index0.52%
iShares Treasury ETFIGBAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Treasury Index0.26%
iShares Core Global Corporate Bond (AUD Hedged) ETFIHCBGlobal fixed income (bonds)ETFBarclays Global Aggregate Corporate Bond Index (AUD Hedged)0.26%
iShares S&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities Fund ETFIHDAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities Index0.30%
iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (AUD Hedged) ETFIHEBGlobal fixed income (bonds)ETFJ.P. Morgan EMBI Global Core Index (AUD Hedged)0.51%
iShares Global High Yield Bond (AUD Hedged) ETFIHHYGlobal fixed income (bonds)Rules based ETFMarkit iBoxx Global Developed markets Liquid High Yield Capped Index (AUD Hedged)0.56%
iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETFIHKGlobal sharesETFMSCI Hong Kong0.49%
iShares Global 100 AUD HedgedIHOOGlobal sharesETFS&P Global 100 Hedged AUD0.43%
iShares S&P 500 AUD HedgedIHVVGlobal sharesETFS&P 500 Hedged AUD0.10%
iShares Core MSCI World All Cap AUD Hedged ETFIHWLGlobal sharesETFMSCI World Investable Market Index (Net TR) 100% Heged to AUD0.19%
iShares S&P MidCap 400IJHGlobal sharesETFS&P Midcap 4000.07%
iShares MSCI Japan ETFIJPGlobal sharesETFMSCI Japan0.47%
iShares S&P SmallCap 600IJRGlobal sharesETFS&P SmallCap 6000.07%
iShares MSCI South Korea ETFIKOGlobal sharesETFMSCI South Korea Capped Index Fund0.62%
iShares Government Inflation ETFILBAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Inflation Government Index0.26%
iShares S&P/ASX 20 ETFILCAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200.24%
BetaShares Global Income Leaders ETFINCMGlobal sharesRules based ETFNASDAQ Global Income Leaders NTR Index0.45%
InvestSMART Australian Equity Income FundINIFAustralian sharesManaged fund0.97%
iShares Global 100 ETFIOOGlobal sharesETFS&P Global 1000.40%
iShares Core S&P/ASX 200 ETFIOZAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 2000.15%
iShares Russell 2000 ETFIRUGlobal sharesETFRussell 20000.20%
iShares Enhanced Cash ETFISECAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Cash0.12%
iShares MSCI Singapore ETFISGGlobal sharesETFMSCI Singapore0.49%
iShares S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries ETFISOAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries0.55%
iShares MSCI Taiwan ETFITWGlobal sharesETFMSCI Taiwan0.62%
iShares MSCI EAFE ETFIVEGlobal sharesETFMSCI EAFE0.33%
iShares S&P 500IVVGlobal sharesETFS&P 5000.04%
iShares Core MSCI World All Cap ETFIWLDGlobal sharesETFMSCI World Investable Market Index (Net TR)0.16%
iShares Global Consumer Staples ETFIXIGlobal sharesETFS&P Global Consumer Staples0.47%
iShares Global Healthcare ETFIXJGlobal sharesETFS&P Global Healthcare0.47%
iShares Global Telecom ETFIXPGlobal sharesETFS&P Global Telecommunications0.47%
iShares China Large-Cap ETFIZZGlobal sharesETFFTSE China 250.74%
K2 Global Equities FundKIIGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI All Country Total Return Net AUD2.00%
K2 Australian Small Cap FundKSMGlobal sharesManaged fundS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index2.05%
Magellan Global Equities FundMGEGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD)1.35%
Magellan Global Equities Fund Currency HedgedMHGGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI World Net Total Return Index (hedged to AUD)1.35%
Magellan Infrastructure Fund HedgedMICHGlobal sharesManaged fundS&P Global Infrastructure Index A$ Hedged Net Total Return0.95%
BetaShares Global Gold Miners ETF - Currency HedgedMNRSGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ Global ex-Australia Gold Miners Hedged AUD Index0.47%
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETFMOATGlobal sharesRules based ETFMorningstar Wide Moat Focus Index0.49%
Montgomery Global Equities FundMOGLGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI World Net Total Return Index in Australian Dollars1.32%
UBS IQ Cash ETFMONYAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Cash0.18%
VanEck Vectors Australian Property ETFMVAAustralian sharesETFMVIS Australian A-REIT Index0.35%
VanEck Vectors Australian Banks ETFMVBAustralian sharesETFMVIS Australian Banks Index0.28%
VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX Midcap ETFMVEAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX MidCap 50 Index0.49%
iShares Edge MSCI Australia Minimum Volatility ETFMVOLAustralian sharesRules based ETFMSCI Australia IMI Select Minimum Volatility Index0.30%
VanEck Vectors Australian Resources ETFMVRAustralian sharesETFMVIS Australian Energy & Mining Index0.35%
VanEck Vectors Small Cap Dividend Payers ETFMVSAustralian sharesRules based ETFMVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers Index0.49%
VanEck Vectors Australian Equal Weight ETF (ASX: MVW)MVWAustralian sharesRules based ETFMVIS Australia Equal Weight Index0.35%
ETFS Reliance India Nifty 50 ETFNDIAGlobal SharesETFNifty50 Index0.85%
Betashares NASDAQ 100 ETFNDQGlobal sharesETFNASDAQ 1000.48%
BetaShares Crude Oil Index ETF- Currency Hedged (Synthetic)OOOCommoditiesETFS&P/GSCI Crude Oil Index0.69%
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Financials ex A-REITS FundOZFAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200 X-A-REITs0.40%
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Resources FundOZRAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200 Resources0.40%
Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)PAXXGlobal sharesManaged fundPlatinum Asia Fund1.58%
Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)PIXXGlobal sharesManaged fundPlatinum International Fund1.76%
VanEck Vectors Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETFPLUSAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFMarkit iBoxx AUD Corporates Yield Plus Index0.32%
Perth Mint GoldPMGOLDCommoditiesETFGold0.15%
BetaShares British Pound ETFPOUCurrencies (FX)ETFBritish Pound0.45%
BetaShares Agricultural ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic)QAGCommoditiesETFS&P/GSCI Agriculture Index0.69%
BetaShares Gold Bullion ETF - Currency HedgedQAUCommoditiesETFGold0.49%
BetaShares Commodities Basket ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic)QCBCommoditiesRules based ETFS&P/GSCI Light Energy Index0.69%
Beta Shares S&P/ASX 200 Financials Sector ETFQFNAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200 Financials0.39%
BetaShares Global Quality Leaders ETFQLTYGlobal sharesRules based ETFiSTOXX MUTB Global ex-Australia Quality Leaders Index0.35%
SPDR MSCI World Quality Mix FundQMIXGlobal sharesRules based ETFMSIC World Quality Mix Index0.40%
BetaShares FTSE RAFI Australia 200 ETFQOZAustralian sharesETFFTSE RAFI Australia 2000.30%
BetaShares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETFQPONAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFSolactive Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond Index0.22%
Beta Shares S&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETFQREAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200 Resources0.39%
VanEck Vectors MSCI World Ex-Australia ETFQUALGlobal sharesETFMSCI World ex Australia Quality Index0.40%
BetaShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETFQUSGlobal sharesETFFTSE RAFI US 10000.40%
Russell Australian Responsbile Investment ETFRARIAustralian sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)Russell Australia ESG High Dividend Index0.45%
BetaShares Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETFRBTZGlobal sharesETFIndxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic Index0.57%
Russell Australian Select Corporate Bond ETFRCBAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Corporate Bonds0.28%
Russell High Dividend Australian Shares ETFRDVAustralian sharesRules based ETFRussell High Dividend Index0.34%
VanEck Vectors FTSE International Property (Hedged) ETFREITGlobal sharesETFFTSE EPRA Nareit Developed ex Australia Rental Index AUD Hedged0.43%
AMP Capital Global Property Securities FundRENTGlobal sharesManaged fund0.99%
Russell Australian Government Bond ETFRGBAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFAustralian Government Bonds0.24%
BetaShares Legg Mason Real Income FundRINCAustralian sharesManaged fundS&P/ASX 200 Index0.85%
ETFS ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETFROBOGlobal sharesETFROBO Global® Robotics and Automation Index0.69%
Russell Australian Semi-Government Bond ETFRSMAustralian fixed income (bonds)Rules based ETFAustralian Semi-Government Bonds0.26%
Russell Australia Value ETFRVLAustralian sharesRules based ETFRussell Australian Value Index0.34%
SPDR 50 FundSFYAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 500.28%
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Listed Property FundSLFAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 200 A-REITs0.40%
BetaShares Australian Small Companies Select FundSMLLAustralian sharesManaged fundS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index0.39%
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustSPYGlobal sharesETFS&P 5000.09%
SPDR S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries FundSSOAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries0.50%
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund ETFSTWAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 2000.19%
Switzer Dividend Growth FundSWTZAustralian sharesManaged fund0.89%
SPDR MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield FundSYIAustralian sharesRules based ETFMSCI Australian Select High Dividend Yield Index0.35%
ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETFTECHGlobal sharesETFMorningstar Developed Markets Technology Moat Focus Index0.45%
UBS IQ MSCI Australia EthicalUBAAustralian sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.17%
UBS IQ MSCI Europe Ethical ETFUBEGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI Europe ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.40%
UBS IQ MSCI Japan Ethical ETFUBJGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI Japan ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.40%
UBS IQ MSCI Asia APREX 50 Ethical ETFUBPGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI Asia APEX 50 ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.45%
UBS IQ MSCI USA Ethical ETFUBUGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI USA ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.20%
UBS IQ MSCI World ex Australia Ethical ETFUBWGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)MSCI World ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index0.35%
Betashares S&P500 Yield Maximiser FundUMAXGlobal sharesRules based ETFS&P 5000.59%
BetaShares U.S. Dollar ETFUSDCurrencies (FX)ETFUS Dollar0.45%
Vanguard Australian Corporate Fixed Interest Index FundVACFAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Credit 0+ Yr Index0.26%
Vanguard FTSE Asia Ex-Japan Shares indexVAEGlobal sharesETFFTSE Asia Ex-Japan, Australia and New Zealand (with net dividends invested)0.40%
Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest IndexVAFAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Composite Index0.20%
Vanguard Australian Property Securities Index ETFVAPAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 300 A-REITs0.23%
Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETFVASAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 3000.10%
Vanguard Global Infrastructure Index ETFVBLDGlobal sharesETFFTSE Developed Core Infrastructure Index (with net diviends reinvested)(AUD)0.47%
Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond Index (Hedged) ETFVBNDGlobal fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Float Adjusted Bond Index hedged into Australian dollars0.20%
Vanguard International Credit Securities Index (Hedged) ETFVCFGlobal fixed income (bonds)ETFBarclays Global Aggregate Governement related and Corporate Index hedged into Australian dollars0.30%
Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETFVDBAGlobal sharesRules based ETF0.27%
Vanguard Diversified Conservative Index ETFVDCOGlobal sharesRules based ETF0.27%
Vanguard Diversified Growth Index ETFVDGRGlobal sharesRules based ETF0.27%
Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index ETFVDHGGlobal sharesRules based ETF0.27%
Vanguard Ethically Conscious Global Aggregate Bond Index (hedged) ETFVEFIGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Global Aggregate SRI Exclusion Float Adjusted Index hedged into Australian dollars0.26%
Vanguard FTSE Europe Shares ETFVEQGlobal sharesETFFTSE Developed Europe Index0.35%
Vanguard Ethically Conscious International Shares Index ETFVESGGlobal sharesRules based ETF (Ethical)FTSE Developed ex-Australia ex-Non-renewable energy, Vice Products and Weapons Index (with net dividends reinvested) in Australian dollars0.18%
Vanguard All-World EX US Shares IndexVEUGlobal sharesETFFTSE All World Ex-US0.09%
Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares (Hedged)VGADGlobal sharesETFMSCI World ex-Australia (hedged AUD)0.21%
Vanguard Australian Government Bond Index ETFVGBAustralian fixed income (bonds)ETFBloomberg AusBond Government Index0.24%
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets SharesVGEGlobal sharesETFFTSE Emerging Index (in AUD)0.48%
Vanguard MSCI Index International SharesVGSGlobal sharesETFMSCI World ex-Australia0.18%
Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETFVHYAustralian sharesRules based ETFFTSE ASFA Australian High Dividend Yield Index0.35%
Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) ETFVIFGlobal fixed income (bonds)ETFBarclays Global Treasury Index hedged into Australian dollars0.20%
Vanguard MSCI International Small Companies Index ETFVISMGlobal sharesETFMSCI World ex-Australia Small Cap Index0.32%
Vanguard MSCI Australian Large Companies IndexVLCAustralian sharesETFMSCI Large Cap Index0.20%
Vanguard Global Minimum Volatility Active ETFVMINGlobal sharesRules based ETFFTSE Global All Cap Index (AUD Hedged)0.28%
Vanguard MSCI Australian Small Companies IndexVSOAustralian sharesETFMSCI Small Cap Index0.30%
Vanguard US Total Market Shares IndexVTSGlobal sharesETFCRSP US Broad Market Index0.03%
Vanguard Global Value Equity Active ETFVVLUGlobal sharesRules Based ETFFTSE Developed All-Cap in Australian dollars Index0.28%
WCM Quality Global Growth Fund (Quoted Managed Fund)WCMQGlobal sharesManaged fundMSCI All Country World Index (ex-Australia) with gross dividends reinvested, reported in AUD and unhedged1.25%
SPDR S&P Global Dividend FundWDIVGlobal sharesRules based ETFSPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Fund0.50%
iShares Edge MSCI World Multifactor ETFWDMFGlobal sharesRules based ETFMSCI World Diversified Multiple-Factor (AUD) Index0.30%
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets FundWEMGGlobal sharesETFSPDR S&P Emerging Markets Large Mid Cap Index0.65%
BetaShares Managed Risk Global Share FundWRLDGlobal sharesRules based ETF0.39%
iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ETFWVOLGlobal sharesRules based ETFMSCI World Minimum Volatility (AUD) Index0.30%
SPDR S&P World Ex Australia (Hedged) FundWXHGGlobal sharesETFS&P Developed ex Australia LargeMidCap Hedged AUD Index0.35%
SPDR S&P World Ex Australia FundWXOZGlobal sharesETFS&P Developed ex Australia LargeMidCap AUD Index.0.30%
ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond FundXAROGlobal fixed income (bonds)Managed fundCPI0.50%
BetaShares Strong U.S. Dollar FundYANKCurrencies (FX)Managed fund1.38%
BetaShares Australian Top 20 Equity Yield Maximiser FundYMAXAustralian shares (rules based)Rules based ETFS&P/ASX 200.59%
ETFS Physical Renminbi ETFZCNHCurrencies (FX)ETFRenminbi0.30%
ETFS Physical Singapore Gold ETFZGOLCommoditiesETFGold0.40%
ETFS S&P/ASX 100 ETFZOZIAustralian sharesETFS&P/ASX 100 Index0.24%
ETFS Physical US Dollar ETFZUSDCurrencies (FX)ETFUS Dollar0.30%
ETFS S&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETFZYAUAustralian sharesRules based ETFS&P/ASX Shareholder Yield Index0.35%
ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETFZYUSGlobal sharesRules based ETFS&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend Index0.35%