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The Best ETFs Australian shares sector includes ETFs, managed funds and index funds which cover the ASX and national stock exchange (NSX). It also includes other sharemarket-focused ETFs and funds which may hold investments overseas (e.g. via the New Zealand or US exchanges).

Performance Characteristics

Over the ultra-long-term, the Australian share market has proven to be among the best-performing in the world. We truly are 'the lucky country'.

One of the unique features of the Australian sharemarket is a willingness by companies to pay substantial dividends back to shareholders. We believe this may be a result of Franking Credits.

Australian Shares Sector Risks

The Australian sharemarket is heavily skewed towards financials (i.e. banks and insurers), resources and property. These companies tend to be ‘cyclical’, meaning they move in-line with the direction of the broader economy and financial markets.

Some risks to investing in this sector include:

  • Market risk: This is the risk that the performance of the ETF/fund rises or falls unexpectedly day-to-day, month-to-month or even year-to-year. We believe these price movements are unpredictable. Therefore, we believe investing for multiple years is the most prudent way to invest.
  • Home country bias: That happens when you invest a larger amount of your money in local/Australian investments and exclude overseas markets. This may be because it is ‘too difficult’ or ‘too complex’ to invest in overseas markets.
  • Concentration: The Australian share market is made up of many companies. However, traditional market indices have a very high proportion of their performance tied to just a few investments, such as blue-chip shares in the financial and resources sectors.
  • Regulatory risk: Australia is a market with a robust financial system. Changes to the rules or laws regarding public investments could alter the performance of ETFs and funds in the sector.

List of ETFs to watch

ETF TickerHistorical yieldFee per yearFUM ($m)1y past return3Y returnSpreadBest ETF report
A2002.21%0.07%1,598.4930.80%10.75%0.04%A200 report
ATEC3.07%0.48%194.0227.83%0.18%ATEC report
AUMF2.49%0.30%38.6826.40%10.26%0.20%AUMF report
AUST2.40%0.49%21.7019.49%6.48%0.31%AUST report
BBOZ0.00%1.38%261.18-47.94%-30.49%0.24%BBOZ report
BEAR0.00%1.48%65.66-23.73%-11.66%0.17%BEAR report
EIGA4.56%0.80%30.1830.66%5.91%0.60%EIGA report
EINC3.05%0.85%30.4025.43%7.25%0.34%EINC report
EX201.93%0.25%232.3625.74%8.27%0.17%EX20 report
FAIR3.05%0.49%1,089.5320.28%11.01%0.11%FAIR report
GEAR3.90%0.80%311.8571.27%12.41%0.08%GEAR report
GRNV3.17%0.35%63.9325.64%11.72%0.14%GRNV report
HVST6.69%0.90%172.5216.20%6.43%0.11%HVST report
IHD4.06%0.30%297.6226.61%10.04%0.16%IHD report
ILC2.51%0.24%437.3834.07%11.98%0.12%ILC report
IMPQ3.02%0.99%21.3237.63%0.42%IMPQ report
INES1.98%0.97%57.8635.38%0.51%INES report
INIF0.74%0.97%48.2740.76%8.48%0.61%INIF report
IOZ2.37%0.09%3,911.4629.36%10.55%0.05%IOZ report
ISO7.14%0.55%136.3232.35%9.25%0.37%ISO report
KSM0.00%2.27%13.636.80%1.04%KSM report
MVA4.21%0.35%544.4232.61%8.35%0.10%MVA report
MVB3.62%0.28%167.9249.94%6.49%0.05%MVB report
MVE1.71%0.45%182.2333.68%12.00%0.11%MVE report
MVOL2.84%0.30%29.6919.24%8.65%0.12%MVOL report
MVR3.46%0.35%138.9218.38%10.80%0.12%MVR report
MVS3.31%0.49%75.9427.10%7.04%0.19%MVS report
MVW2.31%0.35%1,612.1526.05%8.85%0.10%MVW report
OZF2.16%0.40%129.9841.20%6.18%0.09%OZF report
OZR2.96%0.40%122.8133.87%15.55%0.12%OZR report
QFN1.71%0.34%57.7441.87%6.16%0.14%QFN report
QOZ4.05%0.40%368.2234.85%9.12%0.14%QOZ report
QRE3.15%0.34%105.7737.02%15.73%0.19%QRE report
RARI2.71%0.45%293.5934.27%7.92%0.20%RARI report
RDV2.92%0.34%270.2134.30%7.43%0.13%RDV report
RINC3.70%0.85%54.6421.67%5.18%0.42%RINC report
SELF1.45%0.88%108.8521.99%0.28%SELF report
SFY2.65%0.29%772.7329.43%10.48%0.05%SFY report
SLF5.08%0.40%629.1232.48%7.22%0.13%SLF report
SMLL6.29%0.39%63.7935.57%11.41%0.45%SMLL report
SSO7.21%0.50%30.1430.26%9.67%0.22%SSO report
STW2.73%0.13%4,703.9029.30%10.68%0.04%STW report
SWTZ2.15%0.89%78.8728.58%8.18%0.60%SWTZ report
SYI4.13%0.35%247.1234.01%9.21%0.11%SYI report
VAP4.74%0.23%2,166.1733.93%7.89%0.07%VAP report
VAS2.46%0.10%9,008.9430.28%11.03%0.03%VAS report
VHY3.19%0.25%1,897.7137.03%12.14%0.06%VHY report
VLC2.68%0.20%141.0533.37%12.50%0.10%VLC report
VSO3.84%0.30%605.5734.87%12.72%0.13%VSO report
YMAX7.16%0.76%318.7226.64%7.21%0.21%YMAX report
ZYAU3.97%0.35%95.7617.69%2.58%0.19%ZYAU report
AASF3.07%0.78%128.4036.53%0.52%AASF report
E2003.73%0.13%26.7628.07%0.21%E200 report
DVDY3.01%0.35%53.570.12%DVDY report
VETH1.64%0.17%165.110.09%VETH report
IIGF1.98%0.97%42.660.63%IIGF report
IESG0.21%0.09%14.150.26%IESG report
MAAT1.56%2.26%30.660.82%MAAT report
Quartile 17.21%0.30%$9,008.9471.27%15.73%0.11%
Quartile 23.82%0.40%$317.0034.44%10.90%0.15%
Quartile 32.98%0.80%$137.6230.47%8.85%0.28%
Quartile 42.17%2.27%$55.4225.97%7.12%1.04%
Average:3.07%0.55%$595.1428.66%7.95%0.23%Data Updated: July 2021

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