International shares ETFs, funds & risks

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The Best ETFs global or international shares sector includes ETFs, managed funds and index funds that cover international equities/share markets. The most popular international shares markets for ETFs include:

  • The USA
  • Europe & the UK
  • Emerging Markets (EM)
  • Asia (including China)

With around 98% of shares listed on markets outside of Australia, we think it's vital for Australian investors to consider looking abroad for exposure to some of the world's best companies, including those from the technology, communications and health care sectors.

Performance Characteristics

Over the ultra-long-term, international shares have proven to be among the best-performing asset classes. However, it is also one of the riskier investments you can make, as measured by standard deviation or volatility.

Hedged or Unhedged?

When you're investing in international ETFs, it's worth noting whether or not you're prepared to take on the risk that the currency moves in your favour or against you. Typically, you'll have two options:

  1. Hedged ETFs will attempt to 'lock-in' the exchange rate at the time you make your investment
  2. Unhedged ETFs do not provide protection against movements in the currency

Which one is better? That's up to you.

Just keep an eye on the costs of the hedged versus unhedged versions of the strategy/ETF and consider your own risk profile.

Note: you should always consult a licensed and trusted financial adviser before doing anything. This information is factual information and should not be considered financial advice.


Finally, take note of where your international ETF is 'domiciled' by reading its PDS or the ETF Issuer's website because this -- sometimes hidden -- feature could meaningfully affect your tax.

  • Australian domiciled ETFs - these are registered and regulated in Australia and are 'Australian residents' for tax purposes. These are just like an ordinary share or ETF you would buy on the ASX and the tax paperwork is filled out by the fund manager at the fund level.
  • Foreign domiciled, 'cross-listed' or CDI ETFs - these ETFs are registered offshore and provide a beneficial interest to investors via a 'CDI' listing on the ASX. Sometimes these ETFs may require additional paperwork for taxes, such as filling in a US W8-BEN form to reduce withholding tax or expose ETF investors to foreign regulation or U.S. Estate Taxes.

Consult with your tax and/or financial adviser before investing.

International shares Sector Risks

According to academic study, when you invest globally, you may be lowering some of your risks. For example, you won’t have all of your eggs in your ‘Australia basket’.

However, there are extra risks added when you invest overseas. Some of these risks include:

  • Sovereign/regulatory risks – Governments and regulators throughout the world can change their policies on investing, taxes and even the rights of people and investors. Australia has a very stable and robust financial, legal, political and societal system — many countries don’t.
  • FX/currency risks  A big reason many investors put their money overseas is to get exposure to another country’s currency. For example, if you invest 1 AUD into US Dollars at a currency exchange rate of 1.00, you will get 1 USD in return. If the USD gets stronger (meaning the Aussie dollar exchange rate falls), your 1 USD is now worth more! However, it can go the opposite direction. For example, if the AUD-USD goes to 1.10, your 1 USD (bought at a lower exchange rate) is now worth less in AUD terms than before. This risk is the reason why some ETFs are currency ‘hedged’ — to avoid the impact of currency fluctuations.
  • Counterparty risk  & holding structure – Some ETF issuers use complicated holding structures to get you exposure to the underlying investment overseas. In Australia, ASX-listed shares and ETFs use the same system to ‘settle’ transactions and ‘hold’ your ETFs in your name, it’s called the CHESS system. However, if the ETF invests in overseas shares it’s likely those shares will be held using another system or holding structure governed by other rules. Rest assured there are some safeguards in place. But you should always do your research, read the ETF’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or consult a licensed financial adviser.
  • Timezone – Often, global sharemarkets will be open when you’re asleep. Conversely, Australian sharemarkets (where you buy into the ETFs) operate when the rest of the world is asleep. That makes tracking the latest ETF prices a little more difficult for you and for ETF issuers. This could lead to changes in the ‘unit price’ or the “net asset value” (NTA) of the ETF overnight.

You should always consult a licensed and trusted financial adviser before doing anything. This information is general information and should not be considered personal financial advice.

List of ETFs to watch

ETF TickerIssuerETF nameFee per yearFUM ($m)Spread1y total returnHistorical yield3y annual total return (if available)Best ETF report
A200BetaSharesAustralia 200 ETF0.07%1,996.210.04%19.21%3.11%14.80%A200 report
AAABetaSharesAustralian High Interest Cash ETF0.18%2,629.880.02%0.34%0.33%0.92%AAA report
ACDCETF SecuritiesBattery Tech & Lithium ETF0.69%504.630.11%20.51%6.76%32.67%ACDC report
AGVTBetaSharesAustralian Government Bond ETF0.22%199.790.15%-4.36%1.17%AGVT report
AGX1Antipodes PartnersGlobal Shares (Quoted Managed Fund) ETF1.10%545.930.53%15.21%11.86%14.07%AGX1 report
ASIABetaSharesAsia Technology Tigers ETF0.67%612.730.18%-15.48%4.15%23.22%ASIA report
ATECBetaSharesS&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF0.48%208.380.17%4.06%3.00%ATEC report
AUDSBetaSharesStrong Australian Dollar Fund (Hedge Fund) ETF1.38%8.100.40%-17.81%5.48%-4.78%AUDS report
AUMFiSharesEdge MSCI Australia Multifactor ETF0.30%44.640.25%11.19%3.48%12.35%AUMF report
AUSTBetaSharesManaged Risk Australian Share Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.49%22.090.30%13.18%3.00%9.83%AUST report
BBOZBetaSharesAustralian Strong Bear (Hedge Fund) ETF1.38%272.540.26%-33.33%0.00%-36.34%BBOZ report
BBUSBetaSharesUS Equities Strong Bear Currency Hedged (Hedge Fund) ETF1.38%171.710.15%-47.81%0.00%-47.83%BBUS report
BEARBetaSharesAustralian Equities Bear (Hedge Fund) ETF1.48%54.760.17%-16.37%0.00%-15.37%BEAR report
BILLiSharesCore Cash ETF0.07%338.980.02%0.00%0.02%0.63%BILL report
BNDSBetaSharesLegg Mason Australian Bond Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.42%195.930.22%-2.83%1.29%3.06%BNDS report
BNKSBetaSharesGlobal Banks ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.57%112.920.40%27.89%3.76%6.83%BNKS report
BONDSPDRS&P/ASX Australian Bond Fund ETF0.24%48.990.16%-3.40%1.87%2.86%BOND report
CETFVanEckVectors ChinaAMC A-Share ETF0.60%23.290.34%-1.23%1.80%15.75%CETF report
CNEWVanEckVectors China New Economy ETF0.95%161.510.52%14.22%1.03%26.41%CNEW report
CREDBetaSharesAustralian Investment Grade Bond ETF0.25%522.380.14%-3.35%5.07%5.04%CRED report
CUREETF SecuritiesS&P Biotech ETF0.45%57.730.17%-17.02%11.64%15.84%CURE report
DBBFBetaSharesEthical Diversified Balanced ETF0.39%13.470.34%10.35%3.69%DBBF report
DGGFBetaSharesEthical Diversified Growth ETF0.39%19.930.30%16.83%4.18%DGGF report
DHHFBetaSharesDiversified All Growth ETF0.19%136.640.18%23.22%2.07%DHHF report
DJRESPDRDow Jones Global Select Real Estate Fund ETF0.50%495.660.14%38.60%2.81%10.01%DJRE report
DRUGBetaSharesGlobal Healthcare ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.57%170.380.19%23.56%4.52%16.55%DRUG report
DZZFBetaSharesEthical Diversified High Growth ETF0.39%29.110.23%22.19%4.37%DZZF report
EBNDVanEckVectors Emerging Income Opportunities Active ETF (Managed Fund) ETF0.95%134.340.33%-1.63%5.28%EBND report
EEUBetaSharesEuro ETF0.45%9.760.18%-2.96%0.00%-1.95%EEU report
EIGAPerennial Value/eInvestIncome Generator Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.80%31.250.73%14.86%4.86%9.75%EIGA report
EINCBetaSharesLegg Mason Equity Income Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.85%27.030.34%14.67%5.10%11.62%EINC report
EMKTVanEckVectors MSCI Multifactor Emerging Markets Equity ETF0.69%57.760.31%12.71%1.67%10.38%EMKT report
EMMGBetaSharesLegg Mason Emerging Markets Fund (Managed Fund) ETF1.00%101.210.43%2.21%1.56%EMMG report
ESGIVanEckVectors MSCI International Sustainable Equity ETF0.55%130.580.18%24.77%1.42%19.06%ESGI report
ESTXETF SecuritiesEURO STOXX 50 ETF0.35%73.400.20%18.91%1.60%13.79%ESTX report
ETHIBetaSharesGlobal Sustainability Leaders ETF0.59%2,190.490.12%30.78%5.04%30.68%ETHI report
ETPMAGETF SecuritiesPhysical Silver ETF0.49%226.550.13%-7.88%0.00%13.10%ETPMAG report
ETPMPDETF SecuritiesPhysical Palladium ETF0.49%8.760.66%-12.55%0.00%14.26%ETPMPD report
ETPMPMETF SecuritiesPrecious Metals Basket ETF0.44%30.530.43%-5.00%0.00%12.00%ETPMPM report
ETPMPTETF SecuritiesPhysical Platinum ETF0.49%14.640.49%-4.83%0.00%5.04%ETPMPT report
EX20BetaSharesAustralian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF0.25%240.490.13%16.48%2.21%14.82%EX20 report
F100BetaSharesFTSE 100 ETF0.45%416.810.25%21.76%2.99%F100 report
FAIRBetaSharesAustralian Sustainability Leaders ETF0.49%1,346.150.11%18.04%3.18%15.22%FAIR report
FANGETF SecuritiesFANG+ ETF0.35%263.400.17%25.17%12.10%FANG report
FEMXFidelityGlobal Emerging Markets Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.99%227.460.37%11.03%0.45%19.05%FEMX report
FLOTVanEckVectors Australian Floating Rate ETF0.22%338.050.06%0.16%0.90%1.43%FLOT report
FOODBetaSharesGlobal Agriculture ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.57%60.830.31%25.07%3.91%15.08%FOOD report
FUELBetaSharesGlobal Energy Companies ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.57%347.380.34%29.02%4.95%-1.01%FUEL report
GBNDBetaSharesSustainability leaders Diversified Bond ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.49%182.550.23%-3.31%2.27%GBND report
GDXVanEckVectors Gold Miners ETF0.53%466.120.31%-6.83%1.46%15.29%GDX report
GEARBetaSharesGeared Australian Equity Fund (Hedge Fund) ETF0.80%341.090.11%38.34%6.52%24.48%GEAR report
GGUSBetaSharesGeared US Equity Fund Currency Hedged (Hedge Fund) ETF0.80%138.520.11%68.04%2.52%49.76%GGUS report
GOLDETF SecuritiesPhysical Gold ETF0.40%2,377.390.04%1.61%0.00%11.07%GOLD report
GOVTSPDRS&P/ASX Australian Government Bond Fund ETF0.22%29.730.17%-3.38%2.21%2.96%GOVT report
GRNVVaneckMSCI Australian Sustainable Equity ETF0.35%103.490.15%18.58%4.10%15.40%GRNV report
GROWSchroder Investment Management Australia LimitedReal Return Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.83%66.420.60%5.15%3.21%6.32%GROW report
HACKBetaSharesGlobal Cybersecurity ETF0.67%786.380.15%27.05%2.71%31.01%HACK report
HBRDBetaSharesActive Australian Hybrids Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.55%1,614.350.13%4.65%2.46%4.94%HBRD report
HEURBetaSharesEurope ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.56%56.250.25%23.11%4.87%15.49%HEUR report
HJPNBetaSharesJapan ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.56%101.210.27%16.52%5.78%16.62%HJPN report
HVSTBetaSharesAustralian Dividend Harvester Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.90%175.900.11%10.11%6.13%8.92%HVST report
IAAiSharesS&P Asia 50 ETF0.51%799.350.19%-5.52%1.37%11.79%IAA report
IAFiSharesCore Composite Bond ETF0.15%1,865.810.05%-3.08%1.61%2.74%IAF report
IEMiSharesMSCI Emerging Markets ETF0.69%950.230.24%1.39%1.97%8.43%IEM report
IEUiSharesS&P Europe ETF0.60%954.790.15%21.39%2.23%13.04%IEU report
IFRAVanEckVectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETF0.52%596.650.15%16.86%2.93%9.82%IFRA report
IGBiSharesTreasury ETF0.18%144.490.05%-3.21%1.17%2.58%IGB report
IHCBiSharesCore Global Corporate Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF0.26%310.970.24%-1.45%3.35%5.32%IHCB report
IHDiSharesS&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities ETF0.30%295.820.15%12.29%5.26%13.08%IHD report
IHEBiSharesJ.P.Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF0.51%43.290.41%-3.13%3.97%5.19%IHEB report
IHHYiSharesGlobal High Yield Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF0.56%128.550.26%2.80%3.95%5.82%IHHY report
IHOOiSharesGlobal 100 AUD Hedged ETF0.43%153.250.23%26.40%16.51%22.35%IHOO report
IHVViSharesS&P 500 AUD Hedged ETF0.10%701.490.12%28.47%19.67%23.15%IHVV report
IHWLiSharesCore MSCI World All Cap AUD Hedged ETF0.13%268.110.26%31.51%11.16%21.15%IHWL report
IINDBetaSharesIndia Quality ETF0.80%77.790.42%20.31%3.01%IIND report
IJHiSharesS&P Midcap ETF0.09%238.930.23%31.98%1.00%20.04%IJH report
IJPiSharesMSCI Japan ETF0.47%428.150.16%6.93%1.83%10.13%IJP report
IJRiSharesS&P Small-Cap ETF0.09%473.790.24%34.36%1.26%18.58%IJR report
IKOiSharesMSCI South Korea Capped Index ETF0.63%46.540.27%-2.51%0.56%10.15%IKO report
ILBiSharesGovernment Inflation ETF0.18%348.040.27%1.13%0.57%5.48%ILB report
ILCiSharesS&P/ASX 20 ETF0.24%443.590.12%17.57%4.15%14.08%ILC report
IMPQPerennial Value/eInvestFuture Impact Small Caps Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.99%37.990.56%16.36%2.82%IMPQ report
INCMBetaSharesGlobal Income Leaders ETF0.45%20.570.32%25.99%3.24%5.75%INCM report
INESInvestSMARTIntelligent Investor Ethical Share Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.97%67.520.46%21.53%1.63%INES report
INIFInvestSMARTIntelligent Investor Australian Equity Income Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.97%77.340.62%23.15%1.27%14.59%INIF report
IOOiSharesS&P Global 100 ETF0.40%2,721.480.14%33.41%1.40%23.35%IOO report
IOZiSharesCore S&P/ASX 200 ETF0.09%4,961.070.06%18.06%3.52%14.66%IOZ report
ISECiSharesEnhanced Cash ETF0.12%243.350.02%0.08%0.12%0.82%ISEC report
ISOiSharesS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries ETF0.55%156.630.26%16.88%6.84%15.75%ISO report
IVEiSharesMSCI EAFE ETF0.31%445.310.15%16.14%2.78%11.59%IVE report
IVViSharesS&P 500 ETF0.04%5,576.660.05%37.17%1.04%24.70%IVV report
IWLDiSharesCore MSCI World All Cap ETF0.10%392.110.17%37.59%13.52%22.24%IWLD report
IXIiSharesS&P Global Consumer Staples ETF0.47%151.130.20%18.52%1.92%13.01%IXI report
IXJiSharesS&P Global Healthcare ETF0.47%1,137.090.24%27.58%1.04%17.69%IXJ report
IZZiSharesFTSE China Large-Cap ETF0.77%185.970.21%-15.05%1.29%-1.25%IZZ report
KSMK2 Asset ManagementAustralian Small Cap Fund (Hedge Fund) ETF2.27%15.980.89%17.05%0.00%14.28%KSM report
MHGMagellanGlobal Equities Fund Currency Hedged (Managed Fund) ETF1.35%317.840.33%14.15%3.46%15.29%MHG report
MICHMagellanInfrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged) (Managed Fund) ETF1.06%915.140.40%15.83%3.80%8.86%MICH report
MNRSBetaSharesGlobal Gold Miners ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.57%58.330.51%-8.84%3.93%20.86%MNRS report
MOATVanEckVectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF0.49%426.550.17%32.21%0.93%22.98%MOAT report
MOGLMontakaGlobal Equities Fund (Managed Fund) ETF1.32%84.200.59%25.07%4.51%14.56%MOGL report
MSTRMorningstarInternational Shares Active ETF (Managed Fund) ETF0.39%0.27%17.86%22.85%MSTR report
MVAVanEckVectors Australian Property ETF0.35%672.510.10%22.02%3.72%12.24%MVA report
MVBVaneckAustralian Bank ETF0.28%193.180.08%31.41%4.52%12.62%MVB report
MVEVaneckS&P/ASX MidCap 50 ETF0.45%186.830.12%20.09%1.85%20.06%MVE report
MVOLiSharesEdge MSCI Australia Minimum Volatility ETF0.30%31.150.13%17.92%3.16%12.79%MVOL report
MVRVaneckAustralian Resources ETF0.35%141.440.15%9.09%3.93%14.71%MVR report
MVSVaneckSmall Companies Masters ETF0.49%50.730.21%18.32%3.13%13.44%MVS report
MVWVaneckAustralian Equal Weight ETF0.35%1,775.910.07%16.23%2.46%14.20%MVW report
NDIAETF SecuritiesReliance India Nifty 50 ETF0.69%33.590.29%24.83%0.11%NDIA report
NDQBetaSharesNASDAQ 100 ETF0.48%2,819.050.05%35.44%3.25%36.44%NDQ report
OOOBetaSharesCrude Oil Index ETF-Currency Hedged (Synthetic) ETF1.29%207.840.23%62.07%18.51%-14.30%OOO report
OZFSPDRS&P/ASX 200 Financials ex A-REITs Fund ETF0.40%132.210.11%25.28%3.80%11.26%OZF report
OZRSPDRS&P/ASX 200 Resource Fund ETF0.40%124.980.15%10.12%5.65%15.98%OZR report
PAXXPlatinum Funds ManagementAsia Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund) ETF1.10%133.620.70%-2.81%18.98%13.66%PAXX report
PIXXPlatinum Funds ManagementInternational Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund) ETF1.10%352.300.47%9.48%1.61%9.91%PIXX report
PLUSVanEckVectors Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETF0.32%236.160.20%-2.09%2.20%3.90%PLUS report
PMGOLDPerth MintGold ETF0.15%610.270.09%2.08%0.00%11.60%PMGOLD report
POUBetaSharesBritish Pound ETF0.45%16.590.10%4.60%0.00%0.89%POU report
QAUBetaSharesGold Bullion ETF – Currency Hedged ETF0.59%306.740.11%-5.17%5.37%10.16%QAU report
QFNBetaSharesS&P/ASX 200 Financials Sector ETF0.34%62.400.14%25.26%3.23%11.27%QFN report
QHALVanEckVectors MSCI World Ex-Australia Quality (Hedged) ETF0.43%431.930.20%27.30%0.86%QHAL report
QLTYBetaSharesGlobal Quality Leaders ETF0.35%250.780.17%29.57%4.36%25.84%QLTY report
QMIXSPDRMSCI World Quality Mix Fund ETF0.40%31.020.27%28.42%2.84%18.17%QMIX report
QOZBetaSharesFTSE RAFI Australia 200 ETF0.40%403.910.12%18.37%5.06%13.13%QOZ report
QPONBetaSharesAustralian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETF0.22%686.400.10%-0.19%0.91%1.99%QPON report
QREBetaSharesS&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETF0.34%96.070.22%11.18%5.52%16.57%QRE report
QUALVanEckVectors MSCI World Ex-Australia Quality ETF0.40%2,831.330.07%33.99%0.86%26.78%QUAL report
QUSBetaSharesS&P 500 Equal Weight ETF0.29%213.380.11%37.24%2.35%19.20%QUS report
RARIRussell InvestmentsAustralian Responsible Investment ETF0.45%284.700.13%17.95%3.49%12.19%RARI report
RBTZBetaSharesGlobal Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF0.57%222.470.21%14.53%3.02%28.28%RBTZ report
RCBRussell InvestmentsAustralian Select Corporate Bond ETF0.28%285.130.15%-1.80%1.31%3.27%RCB report
RDVRussell InvestmentsHigh Dividend Australian Shares ETF0.34%263.430.16%16.81%4.12%10.85%RDV report
REITVanEckVectors FTSE International Property (Hedged) ETF0.43%203.460.17%31.94%3.16%REIT report
RGBRussell InvestmentsAustralian Government Bond ETF0.24%77.060.20%-3.63%2.99%3.13%RGB report
RINCBetaSharesLegg Mason Real Income Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.85%66.770.39%20.65%3.57%9.25%RINC report
ROBOETF SecuritiesROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETF0.69%296.780.25%22.03%8.53%28.08%ROBO report
RSMRussell InvestmentsAustralian Semi-Government Bond ETF0.26%60.910.20%-2.56%2.40%2.39%RSM report
SFYSPDRS&P/ASX 50 ETF0.29%777.980.06%18.14%3.95%13.93%SFY report
SLFSPDRS&P/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund ETF0.40%711.990.13%24.14%5.19%12.34%SLF report
SMLLBetaSharesAustralian Small Companies Select Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.39%76.790.43%19.19%6.10%19.24%SMLL report
SPYSPDRS&P 500 Trust ETF0.09%114.790.14%37.33%0.99%24.94%SPY report
SSOSPDRS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Fund ETF0.50%32.850.23%16.75%7.00%16.31%SSO report
STWSPDRS&P/ASX 200 ETF0.13%4,816.820.06%18.24%3.75%14.83%STW report
SUBDVanEckVectors Australian Subordinated Debt ETF0.29%266.450.08%2.08%1.90%SUBD report
SWTZSwitzerDividend Growth Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.89%204.070.66%18.86%3.01%12.39%SWTZ report
SYISPDRMSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield Fund ETF0.35%279.870.10%15.16%5.05%13.08%SYI report
TECHETF SecuritiesMorningstar Global Technology ETF0.45%395.460.17%22.04%13.65%31.77%TECH report
UMAXBetaSharesS&P 500 Yield Maximiser Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.79%134.560.26%29.75%4.69%14.11%UMAX report
USDBetaSharesU.S Dollar ETF0.45%142.030.13%5.76%0.00%-0.32%USD report
VACFVanguardAustralian Corporate Fixed Interest Index ETF0.20%675.100.10%-1.64%1.71%3.21%VACF report
VAEVanguardFTSE Asia Ex-Japan Shares Index ETF0.40%402.250.19%1.62%1.69%10.61%VAE report
VAFVanguardAustralian Fixed Interest Index ETF0.15%1,379.200.06%-3.03%2.40%2.66%VAF report
VAPVanguardAustralian Property Securities Index ETF0.23%2,645.030.09%25.59%4.41%13.02%VAP report
VASVanguardAustralian Shares Index ETF0.10%10,124.400.04%18.70%3.58%15.33%VAS report
VBLDVanguardGlobal Infrastructure Index ETF0.47%287.350.19%25.37%1.91%12.35%VBLD report
VBNDVanguardGlobal Aggregate Bond Index (Hedged) ETF0.20%460.260.11%-2.16%7.02%3.65%VBND report
VCFVanguardInternational Credit Securities Index (Hedged) ETF0.30%213.390.14%-1.76%7.17%4.45%VCF report
VDBAVanguardDiversified Balanced Index ETF0.27%621.040.10%9.03%7.43%10.37%VDBA report
VDCOVanguardDiversified Conservative Index ETF0.27%263.370.11%4.47%6.26%7.33%VDCO report
VDGRVanguardDiversified Growth Index ETF0.27%609.440.11%12.61%6.78%13.14%VDGR report
VDHGVanguardDiversified High Growth Index ETF0.27%1,612.670.05%16.89%6.88%16.08%VDHG report
VEFIVanguardEthically Conscious Global Aggregate Bond Index (Hedged) ETF0.26%88.370.23%-2.41%6.20%3.28%VEFI report
VEQVanguardFTSE Europe Shares ETF0.35%318.500.21%21.83%2.25%13.49%VEQ report
VESGVanguardEthically Conscious International Shares Index ETF0.18%643.050.12%29.62%1.14%22.79%VESG report
VEUVanguardAll-World ex US Shares Index ETF0.08%2,442.700.11%14.24%2.58%12.47%VEU report
VGADVanguardMSCI Index International Shares (Hedged) ETF0.21%1,824.400.10%24.21%7.04%20.37%VGAD report
VGBVanguardAustralian Government Bond Index ETF0.20%539.720.08%-3.26%1.45%2.74%VGB report
VGEVanguardFTSE Emerging Markets Shares ETF0.48%670.210.23%6.39%2.03%9.96%VGE report
VGMFVanguardGlobal Multi-Factor Active ETF (Managed Fund) ETF0.34%44.000.29%30.47%1.36%VGMF report
VGSVanguardMSCI Index International Shares ETF0.18%4,726.930.05%29.67%1.78%20.96%VGS report
VHYVanguardAustralian Shares High Yield ETF0.25%2,052.340.07%19.23%4.92%14.83%VHY report
VIFVanguardInternational Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) ETF0.20%654.340.11%-2.40%7.45%2.71%VIF report
VISMVanguardMSCI International Small Companies Index ETF0.33%189.310.16%21.80%4.95%18.07%VISM report
VLCVanguardMSCI Australian Large Companies Index ETF0.20%151.420.13%17.62%4.35%14.93%VLC report
VMINVanguardGlobal Minimum Volatility Active ETF (Managed Fund) ETF0.28%17.480.36%11.56%7.98%10.15%VMIN report
VSOVanguardMSCI Australian Small Companies Index ETF0.30%723.460.10%22.43%4.45%20.08%VSO report
VTSVanguardUS Total Market Shares Index ETF0.03%3,219.770.06%34.09%1.01%24.67%VTS report
VVLUVanguardGlobal Value Equity Active ETF (Managed Fund) ETF0.29%331.160.19%38.06%2.18%14.58%VVLU report
WCMQSwitzerQuality Global Growth Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) ETF1.35%364.260.47%21.33%2.61%27.33%WCMQ report
WDIVSPDRS&P Global Dividend Fund ETF0.50%350.390.15%20.53%4.11%5.90%WDIV report
WDMFiSharesEdge MSCI World Multifactor ETF0.35%188.200.36%26.96%5.28%16.46%WDMF report
WEMGSPDRS&P Emerging Markets Fund ETF0.65%21.160.21%3.66%2.19%9.19%WEMG report
WRLDBetaSharesManaged Risk Global Share Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.54%35.440.31%24.69%0.81%14.11%WRLD report
WVOLiSharesEdge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ETF0.30%231.910.30%21.39%1.78%12.03%WVOL report
WXHGSPDRS&P World ex Australian (Hedged) Fund ETF0.35%150.320.18%23.37%2.77%19.91%WXHG report
WXOZSPDRS&P World ex Australian Fund ETF0.30%301.040.16%28.94%1.29%20.60%WXOZ report
XAROFidante Partners LimitedActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.50%902.150.17%-0.60%2.05%4.40%XARO report
YANKBetaSharesStrong US Dollar Fund (Hedge Fund) ETF1.38%10.390.34%13.25%0.00%-5.79%YANK report
YMAXBetaSharesAustralia Top 20 Equity Yield Max Fund (Managed Fund) ETF0.76%335.680.20%16.85%8.49%10.06%YMAX report
ZYAUETF SecuritiesS&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETF0.35%95.620.20%16.05%4.29%6.63%ZYAU report
ZYUSETF SecuritiesS&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF0.35%69.680.22%31.99%2.70%8.55%ZYUS report
AASFMagellanAirlie Australian Share Fund (Managed Fund)0.78%289.690.49%27.87%2.95%AASF report
HQLTBetaSharesBetaShares Global Quality Leaders ETF Currency Hedged0.38%37.980.40%25.15%4.84%HQLT report
MKAXMontakaMontaka Global Extension Fund1.25%44.600.73%22.18%5.06%MKAX report
SNASETF SecuritiesETFS Ultra Short Nasdaq 100 Hedge Fund1.00%16.570.36%-49.50%0.00%SNAS report
LNASETF SecuritiesETFS Ultra Long Nasdaq 100 Hedge Fund1.00%22.110.13%67.35%46.99%LNAS report
HETHBetaSharesBetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF – CH0.62%176.450.16%25.16%5.48%HETH report
HNDQBetaSharesNasdaq 100 ETF – Currency Hedged0.51%123.670.12%27.14%3.58%HNDQ report
E200SPDRS&P/ASX 200 ESG Fund0.13%36.360.18%17.73%5.26%E200 report
ESPOVanEckVideo Gaming and eSports ETF0.55%108.020.20%3.52%0.26%ESPO report
HLTHVanEckGlobal Healthcare Leaders ETF0.45%79.490.17%21.01%0.32%HLTH report
GOATVanEckMorningstar World ex Australia Wide Moat ETF0.55%25.660.19%24.57%0.86%GOAT report
DVDYVanEckMorningstar Australian Moat Income0.35%79.090.14%15.20%4.30%DVDY report
VETHVanguardEthically Conscious Australian Shares ETF0.17%340.290.10%19.10%2.72%VETH report
IIGFInvestSMARTIntelligent Investor Aus Equity Growth0.97%42.660.53%21.54%1.82%IIGF report
ICORiSharesCore Corporate Bond ETF0.15%28.480.19%-2.53%1.35%ICOR report
IYLDiSharesYield Plus ETF0.12%11.550.18%-0.25%1.18%IYLD report
GGOVBetaSharesGlobal Government Bond 20+ Year ETF – Currency Hedged0.22%3.630.34%-4.98%2.68%GGOV report
MGOCMagellanGlobal Equities Fund (Managed Fund) ETF1.35%14,228.410.40%19.78%3.54%MGOC report
CLDDBetaSharesCloud Computing ETF
0.67%71.920.16%0.46%CLDD report
CLNEVanEckGlobal Clean Energy ETF0.65%114.450.22%0.11%CLNE report
VLUEVanEckMSCI International Value ETF0.40%117.150.20%0.44%VLUE report
QSMLVanEckMSCI International Small Companies Quality ETF0.59%31.270.30%0.21%QSML report
ERTHBetaSharesClimate Change Innovation ETF0.65%196.690.21%0.07%ERTH report
BHYBBetaSharesAustralian Major Bank Hybrids Index ETF0.35%90.530.16%1.62%BHYB report
IESGiSharesMSCI Australia ESG Leaders ETF0.09%88.000.11%1.20%IESG report
MAATMonash InvestorsAbsolute Active Trust (Hedge Fund)2.26%32.230.80%4.41%MAAT report
SEMIETF SecuritiesSemiconductor ETF0.57%94.790.24%0.00%SEMI report
CRYPBetaSharesCrypto Innovators ETF0.67%125.740.24%0.00%CRYP report
HGENETF SecuritiesHydrogen ETF0.69%89.600.25%0.00%HGEN report
DRIVBetaSharesElectric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF0.67%0.34%0.00%DRIV report
IPAYBetaSharesFuture of Payments ETF0.67%0.31%0.00%IPAY report
OZBDBetaSharesAustralian Composite Bond ETF0.19%OZBD report
AQLTBetaSharesAustralian Quality ETF0.35%AQLT report

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